Friday, January 28, 2011

Hopeless defence

As we witness the new political melodrama between the 'Macho' leader and his once trusted aide, we can laugh....
just on our impotence .....
The way he hopelessly defend allegations against him in the live TV is fabulously interesting.........

Thanks to the media....  

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smarter people for smarter (or is it SMART) cities

Smart city will remain yet another 'dream unfulfilled' for the Malayalee Inc. Thanx to a group of new social reformers who are scripting unprecedented chapters in the history of this over active(re) state.....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The seNse of noNsense

As our prime minister shake hands with the American President ,while both agreeing for the early implementation of the nuclear deal, things are not working in their way.

United States of America never cares about the welfare of the third world countries and all their actions forsee a huge gain for them. The civilian nuclear deal or pact whatever it is called, is already two and half years old and nobody knows the actual outcome of the agreement, except the news that we have to sign the CTBT agreement to get the complete benifit of the deal. Finally when we think at ease , we will not be surprised as it is not deviating from the normal course of American intentions.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My burning neighbour

When I am typing this, I am receiving unconfirmed reports of India’s win on the first One day international against Pakistan in the ongoing series between the friendly neighbours. (I am purposely not using the phrase Arch Rivals as often referred by cricket commentators).

The result of the match was exactly how I was expecting it. Pakistan lost the match. My logic for thinking the loss of Pakistan in the match was not based on the form of team or players, but through the emotional point of view. How can the players play their natural game, when they know that their rights as a normal citizen of democracy, back home has been denied by ‘the arrogant man in olive green’.

The imposing of an emergency in Pakistan by General is an indication of his failure to save the nation, for which he came in to power some eight years ago, overthrowing the corrupted political Government through the infamous military coup of 1999. The people of Pakistan though welcomed the move then, considering the chaos prevailing in the country as a result of corrupted governance, soon began to realise that instead of moving towards a positive side, things had fallen from bad to worse.

I feel sorry for the common man across the border who has seen more military coups than general elections, who are destined to live in a nation with more days in state of emergency than national festivals. Of its sixty years of history since independence, Islamic Republic of Pakistan was under military rule for almost thirty two years, which is clearly an indication of why they are yet to resolve the border issue with us. General Ayub Khan, Zulfhiker Ali Bhuto, Yaya Khan and now this General Parvez Musharaf …Men in uniform were always reluctant to perform under civilian Government rule and perhaps Musharaf is the only military man in history to impose a state of emergency under his own regime.

Let us pray for the common man of Pakistan.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Roaring Bull

Last week I asked a simple question to one of my friend, who (as I think) is interested in multiplying money. The question came out of my innocence, which means I don’t have any previous knowledge nor do I have any previous interest in the matter, but about which, I really want to know witnessing the recent fuss happening.

“Explain me what’s this Sensex”?

Event though I restricted my question in a sentence, I do have doubts more than that on the topic. My interest obviously generated after the recent historic rise of the value of the term in question.

He tried to explain the term to me in vain. Well I don’t have regrets. By birth I am a poor economist. Even Jas thinks so. So I thought I should do something to come out of this poor rating and began reading all printed and digital stuff available on this topic and it gained results.

Many experts in the field of economics think that the recent quantum leap in the BSE index is the reflection of the steady progress of Indian economy, thereby backing the genuineness of the Bull. (Oh God, I even started using market terms, which surely shows my progress). We are the 20th nation who managed to cross 20,000 index points in any of its Stock exchanges. This fact is prominent when we see that the so called developed economies like USA, China and France has not achieved this mark. When this is read along with the study of World economic forum that by 2050 India and China will surpass the USA and emerge as global economic leaders, one can surely see a promising future.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Power of 123….

I am not a scientific analyst, but matters concerning the well being of my country really bother me.

The matter of India signing the 123 agreement wit United States is the hot topic now and being responsible citizens of this nation, we cannot keep us away from the topic.

“Agreement for Co-operation between the government of India and the government of the United States of America concerning peaceful uses of nuclear energy.” is a twenty two page document in laymen language prepared by the combined effort of foreign policy makers of both the countries, has little information in it for the normal people like us to understand.

But while reading the down loaded version of the document, I had a strange feeling of uneasiness, the reasons I enumerate…

  • I never had trust in the intentions of United States of America.

  • Taking into consideration, that our country is a non signatory of NPT, this deal binds us to follow the NPT rules even without signing it.

  • What was the series of events or procedures which suddenly made the President of the United States of America to identify India as partner in this sector amending US laws and international rules?

  • The news flashes showing the warning of US foreign secretary, to consider the agreement void if India conducted nuclear tests in the future, and the statement of MEA of the Government of India, that India has the sovereign rights to conduct nuclear test contradict sharply.

Besides, the concern of strategic analysts across the globe indicates the destruction of NPT regime with Indo-US Nuclear deal in combination with US Attempts to deny Iran civilian nuclear fuel making technology.

By bringing the agreement into force India will have to classify fourteen of its twenty two nuclear facilities as being for civilian use and thus open it to the inspection of IAEA.

The issue of the Uranium enrichment and fuel reprocessing is another area of concern in this agreement. According to it parties may exchange technology, material and fuel enhancing the enrichment of nuclear fuel, but to bring it in effect, India has to establish a new national reprocessing facility dedicated with IAEA safe guards.

India before finalising the deal should debate over the issue and should make necessary amendments if required, if it really wants to emerge as a developed nation (I don’t want to use the word super power here)

America would never like to see a strong developed India, as it was never in its idea of thoughts to have a world with nations matching its strength and want to restrict India’s leap in the field of nuclear technology.

Friday, August 10, 2007

We are sorry Doctor….

Words spoken are direct from the heart” That’s the saying, and believe me Doctor.. these are our real feelings.

We are really sorry Doctor for being average citizens of a nation, with a mild stand against mighty nations even if our own citizens are in the receiving end.

Doctor, don’t feel bad about our Government an its vague foreign policies.

We are a nation with dilute policies, especially when it comes about the welfare of its citizens in alien soil.

Our Government; Doctor, consumes most of its energy to keep the balance for retaining its magical figure of majority to remain in power, has less time and dedication to care about its citizens.

We are sorry Doctor….

For being part of a nation, which on one side boasts as a developing one and dreams about becoming a super power, but still lacks the ignition when it comes to deal with the filthy discriminative policies of the white skins because Doctor, mentally we still live in the colonial era.

We are really sorry Doctor….

  • For you being victimized in a plot initialized by the Government of a Nation which is famous for its racial arrogance and discrimination.

  • For being mere spectators in your incident, leaving you totally in the mercy of fate.

  • For the endless cover stories our crime laden visual media has shown about you picturing you as the most wanted criminal.

  • For not even sending a word of support to the caring people of Australia, who found time and will to stage protests against the wrong policies of their Government, thereby making your arrest debatable all around the Globe.

Finally we are sorry Doctor Mohamed Haneef

For being part of an inactive community which bothers about nothing at all…

We are not bothered about…

  • The terrorist attacks in our country.

  • The floods in our cities.

  • The loosened economy of our country.