Friday, August 10, 2007

We are sorry Doctor….

Words spoken are direct from the heart” That’s the saying, and believe me Doctor.. these are our real feelings.

We are really sorry Doctor for being average citizens of a nation, with a mild stand against mighty nations even if our own citizens are in the receiving end.

Doctor, don’t feel bad about our Government an its vague foreign policies.

We are a nation with dilute policies, especially when it comes about the welfare of its citizens in alien soil.

Our Government; Doctor, consumes most of its energy to keep the balance for retaining its magical figure of majority to remain in power, has less time and dedication to care about its citizens.

We are sorry Doctor….

For being part of a nation, which on one side boasts as a developing one and dreams about becoming a super power, but still lacks the ignition when it comes to deal with the filthy discriminative policies of the white skins because Doctor, mentally we still live in the colonial era.

We are really sorry Doctor….

  • For you being victimized in a plot initialized by the Government of a Nation which is famous for its racial arrogance and discrimination.

  • For being mere spectators in your incident, leaving you totally in the mercy of fate.

  • For the endless cover stories our crime laden visual media has shown about you picturing you as the most wanted criminal.

  • For not even sending a word of support to the caring people of Australia, who found time and will to stage protests against the wrong policies of their Government, thereby making your arrest debatable all around the Globe.

Finally we are sorry Doctor Mohamed Haneef

For being part of an inactive community which bothers about nothing at all…

We are not bothered about…

  • The terrorist attacks in our country.

  • The floods in our cities.

  • The loosened economy of our country.

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