Friday, August 17, 2007

Power of 123….

I am not a scientific analyst, but matters concerning the well being of my country really bother me.

The matter of India signing the 123 agreement wit United States is the hot topic now and being responsible citizens of this nation, we cannot keep us away from the topic.

“Agreement for Co-operation between the government of India and the government of the United States of America concerning peaceful uses of nuclear energy.” is a twenty two page document in laymen language prepared by the combined effort of foreign policy makers of both the countries, has little information in it for the normal people like us to understand.

But while reading the down loaded version of the document, I had a strange feeling of uneasiness, the reasons I enumerate…

  • I never had trust in the intentions of United States of America.

  • Taking into consideration, that our country is a non signatory of NPT, this deal binds us to follow the NPT rules even without signing it.

  • What was the series of events or procedures which suddenly made the President of the United States of America to identify India as partner in this sector amending US laws and international rules?

  • The news flashes showing the warning of US foreign secretary, to consider the agreement void if India conducted nuclear tests in the future, and the statement of MEA of the Government of India, that India has the sovereign rights to conduct nuclear test contradict sharply.

Besides, the concern of strategic analysts across the globe indicates the destruction of NPT regime with Indo-US Nuclear deal in combination with US Attempts to deny Iran civilian nuclear fuel making technology.

By bringing the agreement into force India will have to classify fourteen of its twenty two nuclear facilities as being for civilian use and thus open it to the inspection of IAEA.

The issue of the Uranium enrichment and fuel reprocessing is another area of concern in this agreement. According to it parties may exchange technology, material and fuel enhancing the enrichment of nuclear fuel, but to bring it in effect, India has to establish a new national reprocessing facility dedicated with IAEA safe guards.

India before finalising the deal should debate over the issue and should make necessary amendments if required, if it really wants to emerge as a developed nation (I don’t want to use the word super power here)

America would never like to see a strong developed India, as it was never in its idea of thoughts to have a world with nations matching its strength and want to restrict India’s leap in the field of nuclear technology.

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