Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Roaring Bull

Last week I asked a simple question to one of my friend, who (as I think) is interested in multiplying money. The question came out of my innocence, which means I don’t have any previous knowledge nor do I have any previous interest in the matter, but about which, I really want to know witnessing the recent fuss happening.

“Explain me what’s this Sensex”?

Event though I restricted my question in a sentence, I do have doubts more than that on the topic. My interest obviously generated after the recent historic rise of the value of the term in question.

He tried to explain the term to me in vain. Well I don’t have regrets. By birth I am a poor economist. Even Jas thinks so. So I thought I should do something to come out of this poor rating and began reading all printed and digital stuff available on this topic and it gained results.

Many experts in the field of economics think that the recent quantum leap in the BSE index is the reflection of the steady progress of Indian economy, thereby backing the genuineness of the Bull. (Oh God, I even started using market terms, which surely shows my progress). We are the 20th nation who managed to cross 20,000 index points in any of its Stock exchanges. This fact is prominent when we see that the so called developed economies like USA, China and France has not achieved this mark. When this is read along with the study of World economic forum that by 2050 India and China will surpass the USA and emerge as global economic leaders, one can surely see a promising future.

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ജിം said...

What does this index mean to the commom man?
U know, excpet one or two in the other 19 counties where they scaled 20K were all poor third world countries.
Do you mean it's an indication of a progressing economy?
I don't!
Let me know the reasons, if you think otherwise!