Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My burning neighbour

When I am typing this, I am receiving unconfirmed reports of India’s win on the first One day international against Pakistan in the ongoing series between the friendly neighbours. (I am purposely not using the phrase Arch Rivals as often referred by cricket commentators).

The result of the match was exactly how I was expecting it. Pakistan lost the match. My logic for thinking the loss of Pakistan in the match was not based on the form of team or players, but through the emotional point of view. How can the players play their natural game, when they know that their rights as a normal citizen of democracy, back home has been denied by ‘the arrogant man in olive green’.

The imposing of an emergency in Pakistan by General is an indication of his failure to save the nation, for which he came in to power some eight years ago, overthrowing the corrupted political Government through the infamous military coup of 1999. The people of Pakistan though welcomed the move then, considering the chaos prevailing in the country as a result of corrupted governance, soon began to realise that instead of moving towards a positive side, things had fallen from bad to worse.

I feel sorry for the common man across the border who has seen more military coups than general elections, who are destined to live in a nation with more days in state of emergency than national festivals. Of its sixty years of history since independence, Islamic Republic of Pakistan was under military rule for almost thirty two years, which is clearly an indication of why they are yet to resolve the border issue with us. General Ayub Khan, Zulfhiker Ali Bhuto, Yaya Khan and now this General Parvez Musharaf …Men in uniform were always reluctant to perform under civilian Government rule and perhaps Musharaf is the only military man in history to impose a state of emergency under his own regime.

Let us pray for the common man of Pakistan.

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